Little Athletics Australia and its Centres are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in Little Athletics. The National Child Protection Policy provides the Little Athletics Body and its members, guidance to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all children in Little Athletics and to assist with the obligations under child protection laws.

Little Athletics Victoria and its affiliated Centres comply with Victorian Child Safe Legislation. The Child Safe Code of Conduct outlines appropriate standards of behaviour by adults towards children. The code aims to protect children, reducing the opportunity for abuse or harm to occur.


The Little Athletics Victoria Code of Conduct can be found at http://lavic.com.au/Resources/Code-of-Conduct


The Little Athletics Victoria Child Safe policy and information regarding Working with Children's Checks can be found at http://www.lavic.com.au/child-safe/

Working with Children (WWC)

The WWC Check applies to adults who work with children or are engaged in volunteer roles involving children.  The WWC Check applicable in Victoria is the mandatory minimum standard for a range of child-related industries.  The WWC now covers all areas of administration, officiating and coaching.  To ensure that Centres are protected, the following persons are required to obtain a WWC:

  • Committee members / volunteers involved in communicating with athletes via any means including oral, written or electronics
  • Coaches, assistant coaches and team managers
  • First aid personnel
  • Volunteers without children at the Centre

Parents who have a child registered at the Centre are exempt from the WWC Check unless they fall under one of the categories above. 

Please be advised that all members of Wangaratta LAC have registered their WWC at the Centre.


It is compulsory for athletes to wear the Centre uniform on all competition nights and when competing at external events.

Centre Uniform:

  1. Centre teal singlet or crop top with Coles patch above Little Athletics Logo.
  2. Black shorts (no pockets), black bike pants or black leggings.
  3. Athletes age group and name patches must be attached to the front of their singlet. It is preferred for athletes to compete with their Commonwealth Bank name patch. 

Regional /State Event Uniform:

  1. Centre teal singlet or crop top with Coles patch above Little Athletics Logo.
  2. Black shorts (no pockets), black bike pants or black leggings, no pockets or brand names permitted.
  3. Athletes are NOT PERMITTED to compete without their Commonwealth Bank name patch. 
  4. Sun block and a sun hat are recommended in line with our SunSmart Policy.
  5. Athletes must wear suitable footwear. Bare feet or socks are NOT permitted.
  6. Spikes are permitted and can be worn by athletes in the U11 and above age groups in laned running events and jumping events. Maximum length of spikes is 7mm.
  7. Spikes must be removed on completing each event. Athletes are not permitted to walk around the track in spikes.


We always aim to conduct our program for the safety and enjoyment of both athletes and the many volunteers.  In the case of challenging weather the following practices will apply:

  • Wet weather: rain doesn’t usually stop Little Aths – if the forecast is particularly bad a decision to cancel the evening will be made at 3pm Fridays. 
  • Hot weather: if the temperature is forecast to reach 38C+ at 3pm, competition will be delayed by 1 hour (start 6pm) and modified program will run (no 400m, 800m, 1500m, Hurdles or High Jump events)

Decisions regarding changes to the program due to extreme weather (wet and hot) will be made by the President in consultation with our Track Marshall and communicated via Facebook before 4pm Friday.


WLAC is aware that healthy eating is a vital part of good health.  Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, Type 2 diabetes and obesity are all associated with the food we eat.

We acknowledge that healthy eating can have an impact on our members and the provision of healthy foods will contribute to better health for all.


WLAC is aware that smoking endangers health and believes that all Little Athletics venues should be smoke free.  The following strategies have been adopted to promote a smoke-free environment:

  • Executive members, coaches and officials shall not smoke in public when representing the Centre.
  • Bill Eaton Athletics Complex track and field arena, spectator area and buildings are smoke-free.


WLAC is aware that children are especially susceptible to the sun’s rays and that skin cancer can be prevented.  The following strategies have been adopted:

  • Wherever possible, competition and training will be scheduled outside the hours of 11am and 3pm.
  • The Centre will maximise the use of natural shade provided by trees and buildings.
  • Where possible, portable shade will be provided at field events and marshalling areas.
  • Individuals will be encouraged to bring their own shade structures to all activities.
  • Athletes will be advised to use sunscreen, hats and sunglasses during competition.
  • SPF 30+ sunscreen will be provided by the Centre.


WLAC is aware that the misuse of alcohol causes harm to the drinker and others. The following strategies have been adopted:

  • There will be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of athletic events.
  • The Centre will not accept alcohol-related sponsorship