General Information

Competition Rules:

  • Little Athletics Competitions in Victoria are conducted in accordance with the Competition Rules of Little Athletics Australia (LAA).
  • All Rules and Regulations can be found on the Little Athletics Victoria website
  • Please refer to LAVic for competition rule changes

Weekly Competition:

  • Competition is held on Friday evenings.

Coaching & Training:

These coaches/training are run independently of Wangaratta Little Athletics.

  • Sprint training is offered by Anna Pasquali for interested Athletes. Please contact Anna to express interest 0401 885 152.
  • North East Raptors - Long Distance training is offered by Karen Moreham on Tuesday afternoons from 3:45pm.

Age Groups:

  • Age groups are by month and year of birth
  • Athletes turning 5 after 1 January must wait until they turn 5 before registering
  • Athletes remain in their age group for the whole season, including Cross Country
  • Athletes must compete in their registered age groups.
  • Age groups may be combined for events if the number of athletes is three or less
  • Where age groups have been combined due to low numbers, records shall be awarded
  • Across all age groups, boys and girls will run separately for all laned events

Club Uniform:

  • Our club uniform consists of a Wangaratta LAC singlet or crop top, with black shorts. 
  • The Commonwealth Bank name patch and Coles patch must always be worn.  Replacement patches are available for $5.
  • When athletes are representing WLAC they must wear black shorts or leggings with no pockets or logos bigger than 4cm.  Failure to wear the correct uniform may result in disqualification.
  • Uniforms are available to purchase during the season.  For more information please see a committee member


  • Athletes must wear suitable footwear.  Bare feet or socks are not permitted.
  • Spikes can be worn by athletes in the U11 and above age groups in laned running events and jumping events. 
  • Spikes must not exceed 7mm EXCEPT for High Jump and specialist Javelin footwear, which must not exceed 9mm. 
  • Spikes must be conical / pyramid or Christmas tree.
  • No more than two blanks are permitted.


  • All athletes can perform a Standing Start for all track events.
  • Athletes aged U11 – U17 may do a crouch start and may use blocks if they choose to.

First Aid:

  • All injuries should be reported to an Official who will then arrange treatment by our First Aid Officer.
  • If an athlete is bleeding, their parent must attend to them.  If they are unavailable, gloves must be worn by anyone attending to them. Clothing with bloodstains must be removed.


  • A Victorian Little Athletics Association Inc. Insurance Policy covers all athletes from the date of registration and payment.
  • Parents and officials are also covered if they have a child competing.
  • All athletes and officials are covered during Centre, Regional and State competitions, training and other related activities.

Lost Property:

  • All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled
  • Lost property is kept at the shed.
  • Any items not claimed by the end of the season will be donated to charity.

Contact details:

  • If you change your address, telephone or email during the season, could you please email us at so that your records can be kept up to date.